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Proudly Family Owned and Operated 

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We Are Proudly Family Owned and Operated

Pollok’s Meat Co and Deli is proudly in their 5th generation of family lineage, using the same recipe that Great Granpa used.  We have 9 wholesale routes that service an area from the Hill Country to the Coastal Bend area and our meat production has now increased to more than 15,000 pounds a week.  

Pollok’s uses only quality cuts of lean pork and beef to produce the sausage.  There are no added fillers, cereal or artificial colorings to our amazing products. All products are smoked to perfection.

  Interested in our products? Pollok’s produces 7 different sausages such as the famous pure pork smoked sausage, a beef and pork smoked sausage, an unsmoked beef and pork sausage called "Wedding Brand",a "Wedding Brand" with Jalapeno & Cheese, a breakfast sausage called "Lil Porkies", a cervalot called "Dobra Kielbasa Do Piwa" (Good Sausage for Beer), also made with Jalapeno and Cheese, a ready-to-eat sausage (Dry Sausage),also made with jalapeno, and a pan sausage.  But sausage isn't all we do, that's just what we do best. Pollok's also makes smoked bacon, hams and jerky which is also very popular with our customers.

  Little did founder Marcian Pollok know that when he brought that recipe from Poland over 150 years ago it would produce one of the best sausages in South Texas.

Pollok's Sausage in produced in Falls City, Texas, just 45 miles South of San Antonio on Highway 181.  Falls City is a quiet community of about 600 people. If you are ever in or passing through our community please stop by and visit with us.

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Sausage Making is a Family Passion

In 1854 Marcian and Mary Pollok came to America from the upper Silesian area of Poland along with 100 other families.  They came seeking political freedom and a better way of life, because at that time Poland was divided between Prussia, Russia and Austria.  Along with all his "worldly possessions", Marcian brought with him a recipe for "POLSKI KIELBASA" (Polish Sausage). Marcian would use the recipe to make enough sausage for his family and friends.

  In the 1920's and 30's Marcian's son, Alex Pollok then used the recipe to carry on the tradition and make sausage for his family, friends and now to sell in his "Butcher Shop."  He also sold a variety of cuts of meats, but that was limited since there was no refrigeration during that time period. Production was limited to only what would be used in a short period of time.

The recipe then passed on to Alex's son, Ray Pollok, who in the late 1940's began making the sausage on a bigger level.  Ray and his wife, Mary K., then started a wholesale route in the early 1950's that took the sausage to neighboring towns south of Falls City. The demand for the sausage grew and production increased to a whopping 200 pounds a week.

In the 1970's all three of Ray and Mary K's children; Alex, Patsy and Leslie joined the business and everyone helped produce the sausage.  Another wholesale route was added and production increased to 1800 pounds a week.

Present day…. 

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207 W Front St, Falls City, TX 78113, USA

(830) 254-3241

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