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Quality Meat = Quality Products 

  Little did founder Marcian Pollok know that when he brought that recipe from Poland over 150 years ago it would produce one of the best sausages in South Texas.


Pollok’s uses only quality cuts of lean pork and beef to produce the sausage.  There are no added fillers, cereal or artificial colorings to our amazing products. All products are smoked to perfection.


  Interested in our products? Pollok’s produces 7 different sausages such as the famous pure pork smoked sausage, a beef and pork smoked sausage, an unsmoked beef and pork sausage called "Wedding Brand",a "Wedding Brand" with Jalapeno & Cheese, a breakfast sausage called "Lil Porkies", a cervalot called "Dobra Kielbasa Do Piwa" (Good Sausage for Beer), also made with Jalapeno and Cheese, a ready-to-eat sausage (Dry Sausage),also made with jalapeno, and a pan sausage.  But sausage isn't all we do, that's just what we do best. Pollok's also makes smoked bacon, hams and jerky which is also very popular with our customers.

Polloks Fresh Wedding Brand Sausage UPC 2278300201_9.jpg
Polloks Fresh Wedding Brand Sausage w Jal Chs UPC 2278300203_3.jpg

Pollok's Fresh Wedding Brand Sausage - available in Garlic Flavor and Jalapeno & Cheese Flavor

Smoked Sausage.jpg
Pollok's Smoked Sausage Garlic Flavor.JPG

Pollok's Smoked Sausage - available in Garlic Flavor and Regular Flavor

Pollok's Smoked Sausage Reg. Flavor.JPG

Squealin' Pig Series

- Jalapeno & Cheddar Cheese Smoked Sausage

- Pepperjack Cheese w/Crushed Red Pepper Smoked Sausage

Pollok's Beef Jerky.JPG

Pollok's Beef Jerky - Black Pepper Flavor

Pollok's "Lil' Porkies" Smoked Sausage - available in Regular Flavor 

Pollok's Lil' Porkies Breakfast Sausage.JPG
Pollok's Ready-To-Eat Dry Sausage.JPG

Pollok's Smoked Dry Sausage-available in Regular Flavor and Jalapeno Flavor

Pollok's Ready-To-Eat Dry Sausage with Jalapeno.JPG
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